CellCare Health Group in short: what drives us?

Excellent health is our priority

For the past 20 years, we have focused all our expertise and energy to just one issue: health. 


We want to bring excellent living within reach for anyone who wants to live a full and exciting life. Anyone who wants plenty of energy during the day to fulfill as many goals as possible.

We are here for people who are willing to take their health seriously and who are committed to making a healthy lifestyle their priority.


With our high-quality food supplements, state-of- the-art health education, coaching & analysis we have got the right tools at hand for that. 


We have found our niche within the competitive and dynamic food supplements market in Europe with our innovative and aesthetic products. Our product expertise in the form of high quality, credible, certified and clean-label supplements has led to significant brand loyalty of our health professionals and private customers. We offer unique and innovative solutions in nutraceuticals; from single bio-active ingredients to complex botanicals-based supplements that can support the health of people who consciously make choices to prevent chronic lifestyle disorders.


"Whether you are a top athlete,

an executive or looking for optimal health:

we take your health to the next level

by tuning your bio-chemistry"

Our values

Deeply rooted in our company

Six values lie at the core at everything we do at CellCare.

They shape our vision, work ethics and mindset.







Reliable Quality 








Science forms the backbone of our company. It is an essential asset for the constant quest for new expertise to create health products that are truly aimed at making lives healthier around the world.



Ethics, integrity and moral compass are values we treasure at CellCare. We reflect on the consequences of our behaviour for our environment and humanity, wanting to pass on a healthier planet to the next generation. Sustainable entrepreneurship should lead to a meaningful profit.



Our never-ending desire to provide excellent products stems from the desire to surpass ourselves, so that our clients can surpass themselves. We strive for Excellence through biochemical balance.



In a world that is bombarding consumers with empty promises, we vow to be the brand you can trust. Our products, embedded in a healthy lifestyle, lead to real results, inspiring people to take the next step in improving care for their loved ones and themselves.



We aim to awaken a sense of urgency in our clients that we all have a responsibility for our own health. Our everyday choices have consequences for our health in the future. Showing the power of nutrition is the starting point of our mission: by leading towards healthier choices today we can prevent the chronic disease of tomorrow.



Creating health products and services means seeking to understand others, knowing how to listen to them and anticipating their needs. Compassion, the ability to feel someone’s pain and wanting to relieve their suffering is therefor the prerequisite to be able to serve in our field.